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Contact Us

Name: Richard Lee
Tel: 0086-57183026650
Fax: 0086-57122851015
E-mail: info@metalshining.com
Add: Ningwei Town,Xiaoshan area,Hangzhou City,Zhejiang Province

Company Philosophy
Responsible for the integrity is the basic moral norms what we respect. Both for customers, colleagues, employees, or society, everyone in the company must be honest and trustworthy and responsible. We spurn any pretense, faithlessness and irresponsible behavior.
The enterprise's vitality comes from the research and innovation. Innovation is the source of life,all of us are continue to improve the technic and management which is our responsibility all the time, it is highly respected for innovative behavier and achievements

Regulation & Execution

While stressing the importance of rules, standardized management , top-ranking execution are necessary conditions for the success of our business.

Good team work is always required.To become a matual team,sharing experiences and knowledge,helping each other, mutual trust are important,also it's the indispensable attitude we should have.